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You can see 2 kinds of Surprise in this page.

Natsu: Delightedly Surprised

Maard Geer: Shockingly Surprised

And now he finally spoke, his voice is probably that ferocious also.

My favorite scene in Fairy Tail’s latest chapter. Sting is lookin good though.

Yay!!!! I can’t wait for this!!!! Its been a while since the last Justice League home movie! Remember the epilogue/end credit scene? haha

My GIF attempt from a live action video… Taken from The Flash TV series Episode 2.

Another great episode from The Flash…. Acute Hypoglycemia FTW!!!!!

I thought Laxus will have a comeback in the latest chapter. XD

I know Erza pulled it well in defeating kyouka in this chapter, but where’s Gray and Jellal!!!? lol

It’s because she’s Erza.

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